Compressive Strength


Normally use of our micro silica in the below mentioned percentages enhances the compressive strength.

10% to 15% - High strength structural columns

10% - Flat work

8% to 10% - High durability / Low permeability such as bridge decks or parking structures.

8% to 15% - By weight of cement as an addition not a replacement.

NOTE: - The usage will absolutely depend upon the requirement of the quality of the concrete as per the requirement of the customer.

Optimum Usage

Moreover, using 30% of our product could be considered optimum for all content of W/C ratios in investigated concrete because of its high value of compressive strength. Use of our product could help to achieve higher compressive strength and decrease of permeability due to reduced porosity, reduced calcium hydroxide content and reduced width of the interfacial zone in the aggregate. The development of more CS-H gel in concrete with our product may progress the concrete properties. Concrete with our micro silica had higher compressive strength at 91 days in comparison to that of the concrete with other micro silica.

In the long term, the compressive strength of that concrete with our product produced by controlled incineration shows better performance.


Tensile and Flexural Strength

Tensile strength of concrete increased systematically with increasing use of our product. The use of our material also resulted in significant improvement in flexural strength as the finer particle size of our product increases the pozzolanic reaction.