Alkali-Silica Reaction

Our micro silica is used to prevent or minimize cracking in concrete due to the expansive gel formed by the alkali-silica reaction.


Chloride-Ion Diffusion

It is approved that the long-term deterioration of concrete and corrosion of reinforcing steel commonly occurs by entrancing the chloride ions into body of concrete structures. It is also well known that the rate of chloride ion diffusion into concrete is related to the permeability and pore size distribution. The ability of our micro silica mixtures is to reduce the potential detrimental effects of chloride intrusion into concrete. There are significant reductions in chloride ions permeability due to use of our product. Consequently, they concluded that concrete containing our micro silica may require less depth of cover to protect the reinforcing steel. Concrete mix with our product will effectively reduce the pore sizes, permeability, and diffusivity of chloride ions concrete.


Sulfate Resistance

Concrete mixed with our micro silica has good resistance to sulfate attack. Corrosion resistance and drying shrinkage: -

Use of our material reduces the chloride penetration, decreases permeability, and improves strength and corrosion resistance properties.



Our material is an effective pozzolan, which can contribute to mechanical properties of concrete. Use of our product in concrete can decrease the temperature effect that occurs during the cement hydration. It can improve the workability of concrete. It can also increase the initial and also final setting time. Additionally, our material blended concrete can decrease the total porosity of concrete and significantly reduce the permeability, which allows the influence of harmful ions leading to the deterioration of the concrete matrix. It can improve RHA the compressive strength as well as the tensile and flexural strength of concrete.